Today many popular stars seem to utilize the services of not just a single stylist or tailor but rather an entire imaging department. Below are some of the pop stars, soul singers, rock ‘n’ rollers, rappers and blues guitarists who maintained their individuality and impeccable style while they rose to stardom.

1.Kurt Cobain// Jeans, flannel, thrift store sweaters
Cobain’s ride in the cultural sun was short, but he created a new twist to the American male’s wardrobe closet. His clothing was comfortable and exemplified the modern grunge style. He made jeans, flannel and cardigan sweaters look cool without any effort, which no one else has been able to do since then.

2. Bob Marley// M-65 jackets, Adidas
Before Bob Marley arrived on the music scene, casual military garb was representative of dictators and revolutionaries only. Bob who was the most famous Rastafarian ever, transformed the M-65 jacket into the choice for a generation of pacifist stoners, using the pockets to store weed and not ammunition. He also sported the Adidas brand of sneakers throughout his career.

3. Eazy-E//snapbacks
All three original members of N.W.A. had serious swag. Gangster rap stalwarts Dr Dre and Ice Cube displayed this swag, but Eazy-E was the one who brought it all together, with his black wardrobe which featured jeans, athletic wear and Adidas. He refined West Coast streetwear, making it classic yet simple, and his gold chain and crisp snapback L.A. Kings/Raiders caps completed the look.

4. Andre 3000//retro-prep


He sported bow ties and suspenders when other hip-hop stars were wearing headbands and flashing grills.

Andre had the ability to push fashion boundaries without losing his street cred. He used colour and flair to combine vintage prep and hip hop. Whether he had on absurdist art pieces or neon overalls, he was a classic country club gentleman. He sported bow ties and suspenders when other hip-hop stars were wearing headbands and flashing grills. His fashion forwardness is replicated today by Pharrell, Kanye and Kid Cudi among others.

5. The Beatles//mop-top
The Beatles inspired many trends, including collarless suits, round wire-frame glasses, floppy boyish hairdos with long swooping bangs. These styles were considered revolutionary in 1964.

6. Diana Ross//big bling
The lead singer of the Supremes shone “bright like a diamond” even before Rihanna implored her peers to do so. She was never gaudy, but combined elegance with shine, sporting big hair, big diamonds and lots of sparkles.

7. Madonna//messy chic
In contrast to the consistency in the quality of her music, Madonna’s sense of style was similar to a roller coaster. She constantly switched up her style, which sometimes featured wedding dresses, kimonos and conical bras. Apart from her sexy and iconic looks, Madonna also wore lots of religious hanging necklaces, lace gloves and oversized hair bows.

8. Elvis Costello//coke-bottle glasses

skinny jeans

Blazers with skinny jeans and big glasses.

Elvis Costello was an authentic hipster, whose style featured the marrying of blazers with skinny jeans and big glasses, making them a winning combination long before this look became mainstream.

9. Stevie Nicks//gothic romance
During her time with Fleetwood Mac, she created many musical hits and was known for her flowing chiffon, velvet, lace and platform boots. She was the complete package, referred to as the siren of the seventies, with her seductive voice, wild mane and handkerchief skirts.

10. Joan Jett/Leather
Although Suzi Quatro was the first woman to make wearing leather on stage fashionable, Joan popularized the look during her frequent MTV appearances as she succeeded on the U.S. charts. She rocked leather pants, jackets, boots and belts and was known as the godmother of punk rock, combining effectively being a bombshell and a bad-to-the-bone performer.