With musicians springing up in the industry every minute, it is understandably hard to keep up with who is doing what. Here is a look several of the great upcoming musicians and bands from across the globe. Some have achieved fame overnight while others have been making music for a while.


Great upcoming musicians and bands performing at the stage.

Kodie Shane — a child of music who blends emotions and sweetness in her sound.

BROCKHAMPTON — the 14-member posse has a hit with their SATURATION album and is looking to make more.

Ravyn Lenae — an R&B singer with a soulful touch to her tracks who has shown a unique dynamism to her music genre.

Valee — his 2017 track “Shell” catapulted him in the hip-hop world.

Jorja Smith — she delivered an emotional display in “Let Me Down” with influences from Amy Whinehouse.

Steve Lacy — he exposed listeners to his lo-fi R&B music on SoundCloud and has grown in demand.

CupcakKe — her “Queen Elizabitch” album rocked the rap scene with the bold approach.

Amber Mark — “Lose My Cool” from her “3:33 AM” is one of the most popular tracks, introducing her beautiful and sad lyrics to the world.

Cuco — his alternative dream pop sound has gotten him performances at the Governor’s Ball and Coachella.

Camp Cope — an all-female Australian band characterized by tightly wound sounds.

Baba Stiltz — a Stockholm native who does not play by the conventional when producing his electric dance music.

Injury Reserve — a hip-hop trio from Arizona that has enjoyed a successful project since 2015 and cannot seem to stop.

Superorganism — a pop group with ambitious lyrics that have landed them in numerous festivals in 2017.

Avalon Emerson — she closed the nine-hour set at Panorama Bar in 2017 and is headed to Coachella in 2018.

Mall Grab — The DJ is making lo-fi house music more than just a fad as he rapidly rises to the top of the electronic dance scene.

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Clairo — she has moved from homemade music to a viral star, with her “Pretty Girl” single making major waves.