If you’re looking to fill your online radio stream with Australian music, then here are some great upcoming musicians and bands.


As one of only a handful of artists who are known only be a single name, Sia’s recent popularity is the result of decades of struggle. She only broke into the big time with her hit single “Chandelier” back in 2014, but she’s already topping the charts with her sixth studio album.

Guy Sebastian


Guy Sebastian brings a ton of clout to the music table.

While he might be best-known for his hair, Guy Sebastian brings a ton of clout to the music table. He won the first Australian Idol some 15 years ago, which shoved the Malaysian-born musician on the path to stardom with a number of his music shows.

Iggy Azalea

While you might not think of Byron Bay, Australia as a place that produces hot R&B stars, Iggy Azalea is quickly becoming one of the top urban contemporary performers in the world. When she released “Fancy” and “Problem” in 2014, she became the first act since the 1960s to hold the top two positions on the Hot 100 chart.

The Veronicas

While it might be amazing for someone to be part of an upcoming band in the first place, these identical twins are doing it all over again. They had tracks that became popular at the turn of the 21st century and are now reinventing themselves after having broken up a long time ago. The Veronicas are even starting to see a good measure of popularity in the UK as well as the United States.

Vance Joy


Composing a song with a piano.

While he was originally a football player, James Gabriel Keogh decided to become the singer and songwriter known as Vance Joy. In spite of the fact that he started as an Independent performer, he ended up with a huge five-album deal overseas.