The Apparel Of Famous Hit-Makers

Today many popular stars seem to utilize the services of not just a single stylist or tailor but rather an entire imaging department. Below are some of the pop stars, soul singers, rock ‘n’ rollers, rappers and blues guitarists who maintained their individuality and impeccable style while they rose to stardom.

1.Kurt Cobain// Jeans, flannel, thrift store sweaters
Cobain’s ride in the cultural sun was short, but he created a new twist to the American male’s wardrobe closet. His clothing was comfortable and exemplified the modern grunge style. He made jeans, flannel and cardigan sweaters look cool without any effort, which no one else has been able to do since then.

2. Bob Marley// M-65 jackets, Adidas
Before Bob Marley arrived on the music scene, casual military garb was representative of dictators and revolutionaries only. Bob who was the most famous Rastafarian ever, transformed the M-65 jacket into the choice for a generation of pacifist stoners, using the pockets to store weed and not ammunition. He also sported the Adidas brand of sneakers throughout his career.

3. Eazy-E//snapbacks
All three original members of N.W.A. had serious swag. Gangster rap stalwarts Dr Dre and Ice Cube displayed this swag, but Eazy-E was the one who brought it all together, with his black wardrobe which featured jeans, athletic wear and Adidas. He refined West Coast streetwear, making it classic yet simple, and his gold chain and crisp snapback L.A. Kings/Raiders caps completed the look.

4. Andre 3000//retro-prep


He sported bow ties and suspenders when other hip-hop stars were wearing headbands and flashing grills.

Andre had the ability to push fashion boundaries without losing his street cred. He used colour and flair to combine vintage prep and hip hop. Whether he had on absurdist art pieces or neon overalls, he was a classic country club gentleman. He sported bow ties and suspenders when other hip-hop stars were wearing headbands and flashing grills. His fashion forwardness is replicated today by Pharrell, Kanye and Kid Cudi among others.

5. The Beatles//mop-top
The Beatles inspired many trends, including collarless suits, round wire-frame glasses, floppy boyish hairdos with long swooping bangs. These styles were considered revolutionary in 1964.

6. Diana Ross//big bling
The lead singer of the Supremes shone “bright like a diamond” even before Rihanna implored her peers to do so. She was never gaudy, but combined elegance with shine, sporting big hair, big diamonds and lots of sparkles.

7. Madonna//messy chic
In contrast to the consistency in the quality of her music, Madonna’s sense of style was similar to a roller coaster. She constantly switched up her style, which sometimes featured wedding dresses, kimonos and conical bras. Apart from her sexy and iconic looks, Madonna also wore lots of religious hanging necklaces, lace gloves and oversized hair bows.

8. Elvis Costello//coke-bottle glasses

skinny jeans

Blazers with skinny jeans and big glasses.

Elvis Costello was an authentic hipster, whose style featured the marrying of blazers with skinny jeans and big glasses, making them a winning combination long before this look became mainstream.

9. Stevie Nicks//gothic romance
During her time with Fleetwood Mac, she created many musical hits and was known for her flowing chiffon, velvet, lace and platform boots. She was the complete package, referred to as the siren of the seventies, with her seductive voice, wild mane and handkerchief skirts.

10. Joan Jett/Leather
Although Suzi Quatro was the first woman to make wearing leather on stage fashionable, Joan popularized the look during her frequent MTV appearances as she succeeded on the U.S. charts. She rocked leather pants, jackets, boots and belts and was known as the godmother of punk rock, combining effectively being a bombshell and a bad-to-the-bone performer.

Australia’s Top Musicians

If you’re looking to fill your online radio stream with Australian music, then here are some great upcoming musicians and bands.


As one of only a handful of artists who are known only be a single name, Sia’s recent popularity is the result of decades of struggle. She only broke into the big time with her hit single “Chandelier” back in 2014, but she’s already topping the charts with her sixth studio album.

Guy Sebastian


Guy Sebastian brings a ton of clout to the music table.

While he might be best-known for his hair, Guy Sebastian brings a ton of clout to the music table. He won the first Australian Idol some 15 years ago, which shoved the Malaysian-born musician on the path to stardom with a number of his music shows.

Iggy Azalea

While you might not think of Byron Bay, Australia as a place that produces hot R&B stars, Iggy Azalea is quickly becoming one of the top urban contemporary performers in the world. When she released “Fancy” and “Problem” in 2014, she became the first act since the 1960s to hold the top two positions on the Hot 100 chart.

The Veronicas

While it might be amazing for someone to be part of an upcoming band in the first place, these identical twins are doing it all over again. They had tracks that became popular at the turn of the 21st century and are now reinventing themselves after having broken up a long time ago. The Veronicas are even starting to see a good measure of popularity in the UK as well as the United States.

Vance Joy


Composing a song with a piano.

While he was originally a football player, James Gabriel Keogh decided to become the singer and songwriter known as Vance Joy. In spite of the fact that he started as an Independent performer, he ended up with a huge five-album deal overseas.

youth singing

Watch Out For The Upcoming Musicians And Bands

If ‘Down Under’ by Men at Work is your only experience of Australian music, it is time to install a good streaming service to learn about the latest tunes from kangaroo land. Here are some great upcoming musicians and bands.

The Youth Gang

The Youth Gang makes uplifting indie rock music that sounds as if The National became too preoccupied with Bruce Springsteen but in a positive sense. Their latest single, ‘Go Further in Lightness’, was an Australian chart-topper in 2017 and claimed four industry awards. More success is predicted for 2018.

Julia and Angus Stone


The duo adopting a more electronic vibe, and playing off one another in a mesmerizing way.

This folk sister/brother duo is not a newcomer to the music scene — renown producer Rick Rubin has supported them on previous albums. Their most recent single ‘Snow’ sees the duo adopting a more electronic vibe, and playing off one another in a mesmerizing way – switching lines, alternating verses, and simply sounding as if they are enjoying every second.

Vance Joy

Real name James Keogh (or at least that’s what his mother calls him), Vance Joy creates smart, thoughtful and happy tunes similar to past songwriters like Paul Kelly. You might be still humming his hit from 2014, Riptide, such as its’ catchy nature. With another single scheduled for release in 2018, we are looking forward to hearing what new engaging soundbites he can bring to the table.

Methyl Ethel

Perhaps they chose a terrible moniker, however – make no mistake – this Perth art-rock act is more discerning as far as music goes. They have crafted an impressive list of dreamy, slinky, trippy, yet danceable numbers, which are as good as any Australian act has produced since bands like Tame Impala.

Giants of the Jungle

guitar chords

Playing the guitar with guitar chords while practising.

The songs from this Brisbane based four piece feature feel-good riffs, jangly guitar chords, and memorable choruses — so it is easy to immerse yourself in their sound while having a great time.

playing guitar

Great Musicians And Bands

The music scene is always changing, as new artists emerge every month. If you are a music fan who enjoys listening to new songs and artists, here are some great upcoming musicians and bands.

acoustic band

The acoustic band enjoys singing their song.


Kaiit’s soulful vibes incorporate many different musical influences, including everything from Pink Floyd to traditional music from her home countries of Melbourne, Australia and Papua New Guinea. You can hear Kaiit when she joins such bands as The Avalanches and Kamasi Washington at the 2018 Golden Plains festival.

The Money War

The indie-rock duo The Money War have already established a solid following with their latest single, “Hold On”, which has been described by Buzz Label as “effortless magnificence”. The duo embarked on their first Australian east coast tour in December 2017 and are currently recording their debut album, which is set to be released in April/May 2018.

Dear Seattle

The Sydney-based band Dear Seattle released their self-titled album in 2017 and are one of the first acts to be signed to guitarist James Tidswell’s label, Domestic Lala. They also released their album on vinyl in January 2018 and are scheduled to headline some of 2018’s biggest festivals.

The Beautiful Monument

This Melbourne group has been busy with the release of their debut album and an Australia tour, which included wowing the crowds at BIGSOUND. The Beautiful Monument has been lauded for their ability to balance raw energy with an impressive stage presence and are sure to be influential as a new wave act.

Daggy Man

song writer

A songwriters’ composition.

Thomas Calder (aka Daggy Man) was awarded the Grant McLennan Fellowship in 2014 and spent several months honing his songwriting skills in London, to re-emerge as his new persona. He achieved success with his 2017 LP, A Lazy Kind Of Pain, and is set to test out new musical sounds, which will be released in 2018.

rock band

Great Upcoming Musicians And Bands

With musicians springing up in the industry every minute, it is understandably hard to keep up with who is doing what. Here is a look several of the great upcoming musicians and bands from across the globe. Some have achieved fame overnight while others have been making music for a while.


Great upcoming musicians and bands performing at the stage.

Kodie Shane — a child of music who blends emotions and sweetness in her sound.

BROCKHAMPTON — the 14-member posse has a hit with their SATURATION album and is looking to make more.

Ravyn Lenae — an R&B singer with a soulful touch to her tracks who has shown a unique dynamism to her music genre.

Valee — his 2017 track “Shell” catapulted him in the hip-hop world.

Jorja Smith — she delivered an emotional display in “Let Me Down” with influences from Amy Whinehouse.

Steve Lacy — he exposed listeners to his lo-fi R&B music on SoundCloud and has grown in demand.

CupcakKe — her “Queen Elizabitch” album rocked the rap scene with the bold approach.

Amber Mark — “Lose My Cool” from her “3:33 AM” is one of the most popular tracks, introducing her beautiful and sad lyrics to the world.

Cuco — his alternative dream pop sound has gotten him performances at the Governor’s Ball and Coachella.

Camp Cope — an all-female Australian band characterized by tightly wound sounds.

Baba Stiltz — a Stockholm native who does not play by the conventional when producing his electric dance music.

Injury Reserve — a hip-hop trio from Arizona that has enjoyed a successful project since 2015 and cannot seem to stop.

Superorganism — a pop group with ambitious lyrics that have landed them in numerous festivals in 2017.

Avalon Emerson — she closed the nine-hour set at Panorama Bar in 2017 and is headed to Coachella in 2018.

Mall Grab — The DJ is making lo-fi house music more than just a fad as he rapidly rises to the top of the electronic dance scene.

disk jockey

Clairo — she has moved from homemade music to a viral star, with her “Pretty Girl” single making major waves.